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National Whisky Sour Day

Posted August 25, 2017
National Whisky Sour Day

Happy National Whisky Sour Day! Here on Canada’s East Coast we appreciate the simple things in life and there is no whisky cocktail more straightforward and delicious than the classic Whisky Sour. With only three ingredients, you’ll have it shaken up and in your glass in no time flat.

Our GLYNNEVAN Double Barrelled Canadian Rye Whisky is the perfect base for the whisky sour. With sweet rye spice and notes of butter, toffee and caramel, it’s the perfect partner with lemon juice. Now a word about your lemon, no juice from a bottle or a plastic lemon please! Freshly squeeze a nice, fresh lemon. The final ingredient? Sugar. No fancy sugar here, just the regular old sugar you keep in your kitchen cupboard.

Put your three ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake hard and strain into an Old Fashioned glass filled with ice. Or any nice glass you have in your cupboard. Feeling fancy? Garnish your sour with a slice of lemon and a cherry. Or just drink it plain.

Here are your proportions for the perfect Whisky Sour:

2 ounces GLYNNEVAN Double Barrelled Canadian Rye Whisky

1 ounce fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 teaspoon sugar

There it is. The classic Whisky Sour. A proud tradition to continue in your home.

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